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The Last Suppers It should be the happiest day of Goldy the caterer s life After years of putting the disaster of her first marriage behind her, she has finally found the courage to love again Soon she ll be walking down the aisle of St Luke s Episcopal Church to wed the man of her dreams, Tom Schulz, a homicide detective who shares Goldy s passions for preparing food and solving crimesBut moments after Goldy s put the finishing touches on the scrumptious wedding feast, and just before the ceremony begins, she receives an urgent phone call from the groom The wedding is off, and the reason is a killerIn The Last Suppers, Diane Mott Davidson mixes irresistible suspense with delectable humor to create a five star treat for readers and cooks alike Included are Goldy s original recipes for such delicious dishes as her heavenly Dark Chocolate Wedding Cake with White Peppermint Frosting, savory Shrimp on Wheels and zesty Fusilli in Parmesan Cream Sauce The Last Suppers is a mystery with a gourmet twist recipes no one can resist

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    Review3 1 2 rounded up to 4 out 5 stars for The Last Suppers, the fourth in the Gold Bear Culinary Mystery series, by Diane Mott Davidson In this book, Goldy s about to get married, but unfortunately the wedding might be delayed when Tom calls about a murder And it s a priest Goldy s close with other parishioners and the clerical folks in her Colorado church, but she is shocked to discover what s lurking beneath the surface when she digs a

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    A chum of mine, who is a reader of the annual General Ordination Examinations of the Episcopal Church, recommended this book to me, knowing that I am a member of the General Board of Examining Chaplains, the group that writes the exam The author, Diane Mott Davidson, was for many years a member of the Board of Examining Chaplains of the Diocese of Colorado Eventually, she would set one of her culinary murder mysteries in and around an Episc

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    I listened to the audiobook and find the narrator to be very entertaining The author to the suspense right down to the very end This has turned into one of my favorite cozy mysteries.

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    OH MY GOD I HATED IT.Only a few pages in and I m already super annoyed with this book 1 It is being super religious 2 I find it super annoying that Goldy is all upset about what she is wearing on the day of her wedding I m sorry, I don t know any bride who takes shit from anyone It is YOUR day, YOU choose what to wear, so no one, not even the church can tell you that you have to wear a suit or a hat To me it seemed like unnecessary drama from

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    This is book 4 in the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery series The Altar Guild ladies seem to have everything under control for the wedding reception, but Goldy just can t stay out of the kitchen She SHOULD be dressed by now because it s her own wedding Yes, Goldy and homicide detective Tom Schulz are going to tie the knot But the pastor is late, the reception hall is locked, and no one else seems to have the keys Just before the ceremony is to begi

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    Caterer Goldy Bear s wedding would have been perfect except for two minor problems the priest is killed shortly before the wedding and her fiance , homicide detective Tom Schulz, is kidnapped from the scene of the crime Tired of waiting for updates from the police, Goldy attempts to find out who ruined her wedding Is the killer the organist, recently fired by the priest Or the disgruntled theology student snubbed by the ordination board Added t

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    Why do I keep forgetting how much I do not like these books The catering theme comes up and I wind up slogging through yet another Goldy caper and beating myself for forgetting again This one made me yell a lot Why does Goldy use his full name every time Tom Shultz is mentioned Drove me nuts And the whole battle between the traditionalists and the charismatics in the church I was an Episcopalian for many years, and I never heard any such battles

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    Really 3.5 stars but I rounded upAnother wonderful book in what is turning out to be a solid series The Last Suppers takes us to Goldy and Tom s wedding, however a cryptic phone call comes from Tom and then he disappears Goldy must find out what s happened to her fiance and who murdered the priest before the killer kills Tom.I really like Goldy, she funny, but yet a very strong main character, having suffered abuse from her ex husband, then havi

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    4 in the Goldy Bear culinary mystery series set in a small Colorado town just outside of Denver This follows the series plot pattern Goldy finds herself involved with murder while operating her catering business and tries to solve the murder thereby involving herself in life threatening situations, ignoring advice from the police and friends, and just doing what she feels needs to be done whenever it occurs to her while on the way to solving the m

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    Personally, if the priest was killed the day of my wedding, I would have took it as a bad omen Goldy, as per usual, takes the chaos much better than could normally be expected in The Last Suppers She was also a dealing with a kidnapped fiance that she is determined to save even if she has no solid leads and no reason to believe she is anything other than a distraction to the investigation The Last Suppers ishectic and frantic than most Goldy Culina

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