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Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam The true test for surviving war lies in the mind, not on the battlefield Inspired by the author’s own experiences of US military operations during the Vietnam War, Boot is a debut literary novel that charts the journey of Marine George Orwell Hill, known affectionately as G O by his brothersinarms, as he comes to grips with the psychological impacts of war in the jungles and rice paddies of Southeast Asia Faced with military life ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, G O must navigate the absurdity of warfare and suppress his humanity to survive psychologically The war challenges his presuppositions—about the world, about life, about himself—as soon as he lands in Vietnam And his pondering deep questions about humanity becomes a fruitless task in a situation forcing him to accept life for what it is in every gory, absurd detail Boot is a credible contribution to new literary fiction about the Vietnam War, combining satire and psychology in historical fiction What a wonderful twist on the Viet Nam War Templeton has you roaring with laughter on one page and crying on the next as he examines both the humor, stupidity and deeper issues of combat and war Making the best of their situation these young warriors struggle with human issues such as racism, rank and honor Great read Don't miss it. Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam by author Charles L Templeton is a dynamic story about the Vietnam war as seen through the eyes of a marine It follows the soldier’s experiences from preenlistment to returning home The journey for the reader is somewhat like the authors description of a helicopter’s up and down movement during a descent into a hot zone—like being on a roller coaster, going from being weightless one moment to feeling like you weigh a thousand pounds the next.” The reader feels the heaviness of harrowing rescue missions as well as the weightlessness of incidents that are lighthearted and at times, even humorous But, the most captivating part of the story is how the author vividly depicts the relationships between the soldiers.Many things make Boot a good read The “marine talk” makes it feel real The analogies are poignantly entertaining—a personal favorite The names of all the colorful characters are the perfect solution for helping the reader keep everyone straight The dialogue keeps the story moving at a perfect pace The intensity of the rescues keep you on edge and then some farout tale will have you laughing aloud Finally, and most importantly, the serious undertones that play out are done exceptionally well, such as fears (of dying and living), racism, and politics Author Charles Templeton does an outstanding job of sharing a very difficult time in our nation’s history with clever depictions of reality He uses personal experience and a hint of humor to write a great novel I highly recommend this book. It took me a while to get into this story Once the action started, it felt like a rated R version of M*A*S*H with switching army to navy and the war It felt like a honest and brutal tale of what happens when folks go to war They talk dirty, sometimes share feelings, build and fight, and try to go back home If there were to be another war type show, I wouldn’t mind this one being made at all It also reminds folks that they go through a lot in this, so we should care when they come home We care, but it’s still not enough. Nice collection Nice book A special book, talks about the experience of Marines, talking in battlefield language, with real people on the ground and in the air The emotions of bullets whizzing, buddies dying, experiencing and personal growth from day one on arrival in Vietnam there's nothing like it really, really worth the read and the experience. Good Funny how mad the world can be sometimes..Inspired by the author’s own experiences of US military operations during the Vietnam War, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam by Charles Templeton combines both satire and psychology in this wonderfully written and richly descriptive historical fiction.There’s no doubt for me that Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam is an exceptionally wellwritten book However, it must be said that this story is not for the fainthearted The author’s script at times is razorsharp and will cut deep into the emotions of its reader There are shocking and intensely graphic scenes Nevertheless, the themes and outcome are just as affecting in the arresting contemporary landscape when you consider you don’t have to look too far to see the appalling consequences of war even today This ‘Sorta Novel’ could only have been written by an individual who experienced war firsthand Read it and you’ll know what I mean Highly recommended and a well deserved five stars from me. Very interesting book to read and good inspiration

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Charles Templeton was born in deep East Texas in 1946 So deep, they had to pipe in the sunshine His parents were nomads in the Mojave Desert in the fifties where Chuck Yeager taught him how to crush beer cans on his forehead After being dismissed from the Copyle Lincoln Therapeutic Boarding School for Miscreant Teenage Girls, he attended Sherman High School in Sherman, TX He was admitted to Au

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