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From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell, An Intoxicating, Hypnotic New Novel Set In A Dreamlike Alternative RealityPiranesi S House Is No Ordinary Building Its Rooms Are Infinite, Its Corridors Endless, Its Walls Are Lined With Thousands Upon Thousands Of Statues, Each One Different From All The Others Within The Labyrinth Of Halls An Ocean Is Imprisoned Waves Thunder Up Staircases, Rooms Are Flooded In An Instant But Piranesi Is Not Afraid He Understands The Tides As He Understands The Pattern Of The Labyrinth Itself He Lives To Explore The HouseThere Is One Other Person In The House A Man Called The Other, Who Visits Piranesi Twice A Week And Asks For Help With Research Into A Great And Secret Knowledge But As Piranesi Explores, Evidence Emerges Of Another Person, And A Terrible Truth Begins To Unravel, Revealing A World Beyond The One Piranesi Has Always Known For Readers Of Neil Gaiman S The Ocean At The End Of The Lane And Fans Of Madeline Miller S Circe, Piranesi Introduces An Astonishing New World, An Infinite Labyrinth, Full Of Startling Images And Surreal Beauty, Haunted By The Tides And The Clouds Piranesi

About the Author: Susanna Clarke

Susanna Clarke was born in Nottingham in 1959 A nomadic childhood was spent in towns in Northern England and Scotland She was educated at St Hilda s College, Oxford, and has worked in various areas of non fiction publishing, including Gordon Fraser and Quarto In 1990, she left London and went to Turin to teach English to stressed out executives of the Fiat motor company The following year she taught English in Bilbao.She returned to England in 1992 and spent the rest of that year in County Durham, in a house that looked out over the North Sea There she began working on her first novel, Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell.From 1993 to 2003, Susanna Clarke was an editor at Simon and Schuster s Cambridge office, where she worked on their cookery list She has published seven short stories and novellas in US anthologies One, The Duke of Wellington Misplaces His Horse, first appeared in a limited edition, illustrated chapbook from Green Man Press Another, Mr Simonelli or The Fairy Widower, was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award in 2001.She lives in Cambridge with her partner, the novelist and reviewer Colin Greenland.

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    If you re reading this, you are contractually obligated to read the synopsis because Susanna Clarke s first book since Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell sounds like the perfect gothic, supernatural treat I m in If you re read

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    I m lucky enough to have read this It is wonderful, and strange, and not at all like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell except in being brilliant I can t really say anythan that The title is a major visual clue, though

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    I ve been waiting this book for so long that now that it has been announced I can hardly believe it I m so excited I can t thank Susanna Clarke enough for sharing her book with us My whole mood when the book comes out I ve be

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    I m just kind of shrieking incoherently right now.

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    Wonderful Lost memories and closed environments and unreliable narrators and untrustworthy companions.

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    If at all possible, this is the kind of book you should go into knowing as little as possible about it It can be confusing and even disorienting at first, but it s a book that is very smart about how it is going to teach you what it i

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    Such a long time and such an interesting topic Such a long time and such an interesting topic

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    The cover is simple yet it seems powerful I am sold D

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    Humanity is not ready.

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    Sometimes you read a book that is audaciously weird This is such a book And yet I finished it in one sitting, interested to know what happens next and to live in this strange world of tides and statues with the eccentric and likable narrator As I

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