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The Jetsetters Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for the advance copy Let s start here I fucking LOVED this book Straight up This is a story about a dysfunctional aka mostly normal family and their life You see a glimpse of a childhood scene, and then the remainder of the books are the three children as adults and their aging mother as they go on a cruise together What I most appreciated about this story was that literally every one of them was fucked up in some way They felt like real people, rather than those characters you sometimes get in a novel, where it s fun to read but not super realistic This was realistic, with lots of character flaws and bad decisions and moments that leave you wondering why someone is doing the thing they re doing horror movie style, where you re screaming internally DO NOT DO THAT THING , and then they do it anyway.Pub date is early next year, so mark it on your to read list now I ve loved all of Amanda Eyre Ward s novels, but this is my new favorite Suspenseful, witty, smart, and moving, this is a novel about families the things we don t say to one another, the various allegiances formed by siblings, the way our childhood dreams and disappointments inform our adult selves It s an insightful, hopeful look at a complex family with many moving parts I m afraid of boats but I d take this cruise anytimeit s the full Charlotte Perkins The Story Of A Vibrant But Dysfunctional Family Trapped Together On A Ten Day Mediterranean Cruise A Riveting, Irresistible Novel From Bestselling Author Amanda Eyre Ward The Funniest Novel That Ever Broke Your Heart Andrew Sean Greer, New York Times Bestselling And Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of Less Dysfunctional Family Goes Away Together On A Mediterranean Cruise What S Not To Love This Novel Fell Squarely In My Wheelhouse And I Was Delighted Anew In Every Port The Jetsetters Is Fun, Sexy And Engrossing Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Summer Of When Seventy Year Old Charlotte Perkins Submits A Sexy Essay To The Become A Jetsetter Contest, She Dreams Of Reuniting Her Estranged Children Lee, An Almost Famous Actress Cord, A Handsome Manhattan Venture Capitalist Who Can T Seem To Find A Bride And Regan, A Harried Mother Who Took It All Wrong When Charlotte Bought Her A Weight Watchers Gift Certificate For Her Birthday Charlotte Yearns For The Years When Her Children Were Young And She Was A Single Mother Who Meant Everything To Them When She Wins The Cruise, The Family Packs All Their Baggage Literal And Figurative And Spends Ten Days Traveling From Sun Drenched Athens Through Glorious Rome To Tapas Laden Barcelona On An Over The Top Cruise Ship, The Splendido Marveloso As Lovers New And Old Join The Adventure, Long Buried Secrets Are Revealed, And The Perkins Family Is Forced To Confront The Defining Choices In Their Lives Can Four Lost Adults Find The Peace They Ve Been Seeking By Reconciling Their Childhood Aches And Coming Back To Each Other In The Vein Of The Nest And The Vacationers, Ward Has Created A Delicious And Intelligent Novel About The Courage It Takes To Reveal Our True Selves, The Pleasures And Perils Of Family, And How We Navigate The Seas Of Adulthood To Cruise We Can Only Hope Toward Joy I love Ward s novels, which are among my favorites The Jetsetters tells the story of a dysfunctional family, scarred, through no fault of their own A Mediterranean cruise vacation sets the stage for the Perkins struggle to reconnect, accept, and truly know one another At once, heartbreaking, funny, and hopeful, this is a family you will fall in love with Highly recommended. The Perkins family is a little messed up but whose family isn t, really Charlotte, the mother, is in her seventies and feels like her life is stopped She s lonely, her best friend just passed away, and the husband she never really loved died a long, long time ago She s got her daily Catholic masses with Father Thomas, her nightly Triscuits and cheese, and that s about it Her three children are distant and all have problems of their own Lee, the eldest, is a beautiful but washed up Hollywood actress who never quite made it Cord is a semi successful venture capitalist who is a recovering alcoholic and deeply in the closet despite having just proposed to his boyfriend Regan is a mom of two stuck in a loveless marriage to Lee s ex boyfriend When Charlotte wins a Become a Jetsetter essay contest by writing about her young sexual awakening, she invites her three kids to join her on the prize a European cruise Although Ward constructs beautiful flawed characters who you end up disliking than anything, the plot was unsatisfying I didn t like the endings or redemption arcs for any of them I felt like they were all somewhat cheated out of true redemption This was an easy read but highly forgettable I felt that there was so much promise to mend the broken relationships in the family and give each of the characters closure on long held resentment and sadness, but none of that happened It felt like none of the characters left their silos and did the work to become truly closer to each other It was an interesting romp through Europe and was a little bit funny, a little bit biting at times But ultimately, I don t think I ll remember much about this book in the end Thank you to Ballantine Books for the ARC via Netgalley I had the opportunity to win The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward in the Goodreads giveaway The book was an enjoyable read about family, dysfunctional relationships, self worth, mental health, longing, and the want and need for love and closeness from the ones dear to you The characters are relatable, carrying the burdens of their own desires and insecurities that stifles crucial aspects of their life, affecting their relationship with themselves and other people I truly fell in love with the characters Charlotte, Lee, Regan, and Cord and their many flaws and imperfections, forcing the reader to turn the mirror on themself The writing style of the book started off very choppy in the beginning, making it difficult to understand the flow of the story About 30% in to the book, either I got use to the choppy writing style or the book starts to the smooth out, because things start to eventually come together cohesively Telling pieces of the story at the time gradually through emotions of four characters really added depth and entertainment to the book Though it prolongs certain family secrets, it keeps the reader turning the page not only to get to the heart of the matter, but builds hope that each characters will come out on the other side intact After being on such an emotional rollercoaster, or should I say cruise, the book ends simple and uneventful, but is forgiving Ward introduce readers to conflicted, but likable characters that you do not want to part with Characters that you may easily know in real life, or may want to know, and would love to be placed on a cruise with. Charlotte Perkins decides to enter a contest in which the grand prize is a Mediterranean Cruise Charlotte believes this is just the thing to reunite her dysfunctional family When Charlotte is named a grand prize winner she and her family gather onboard for steamy, alcohol imbibed adventures at sea Eldest daughter Lee is feeling washed up in her personal life and career as an actress Cord is madly in love, but afraid to admit to his mother he is gay Youngest child Regan seems to have her life together, yet it seems something is remiss with her perfect family This book is an often humorous, tongue in cheek look at a family together on vacation onboard the excessive fantabulous cruise ship Splendido Marvelouso For ten days mother and children embark in onboard over the top adventures to glamorous Mediterranean destinations As their story unfolds, tempers flare and patience wanes A really satisfying, unexpected ending ties all the unraveled, loose knots of the Perkins family back together.. I just finished The Jetsetters and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised Initially I was intrigued by the super cute cover swipe to see it in color , but the inside is actually what impressed me I thought this would be super light and fluffy after all, it s the story of a complicated family who won a sweepstakes to travel abroad But despite the backdrop being a Mediterranean cruise, the characters were multidimensional people dealing with some serious, deep subject matter A fun family drama well done, in my opinion I envision this one being great for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, or books like This is Where I Leave You, The Most Fun We Ever Had, and The Nest Thanks Random House and Netgalley for the chance to read it early in exchange for an honest review Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review This was a hilarious book about family dynamics with a depth that surprised me I was expecting a light vacation read and got than I bargained for The Jetsetters features a Grandmother who wins a cruise and invites her dysfunctional family along in an effort to unite them Her three children each harbor a secret that will be uncovered over the course of the book The family bickering felt real and scenery along their cruise in the med will make you envious Some characters were definitely likable than others loved Cord s fiance However, all of the characters felt real with their issues and flaws The resolution wasn t as satisfying as I would have liked Overall, this is a 3.5 star read for me Thanks to Goodreads and Ballantine books for this ARC.Another dysfunctional family book which I love to read The Perkins family, Charlotte, a widow of 70 but to me seems older in the book like she was elderly when I see 70 as not writes an essay to win a cruise and her family joins her, all with their own problems Lee, the eldest, can t seem to find an acting job and is holding a secret from her siblings about their late father Cord, the middle child, needs to tell his mother that he is gay Then there s the baby of the family, Regan, who has an unhappy marriage with Jason who surprisingly shows up who was once in love with Lee It seems that when they were cruising, instead of bringing them together, they were still apart than together Unfortunately, I couldn t find one happy part in this book but it was still a good read.

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