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Yes No Maybe So New York Times Bestselling Authors Becky Albertalli And Aisha Saeed Have Crafted A Resonant, Funny, And Memorable Story About The Power Of Love And Resistance YESJamie Goldberg Is Cool With Volunteering For His Local State Senate Candidate As Long As He S Behind The Scenes When It Comes To Speaking To Strangers Or, Let S Face It, Speaking At All To Almost Anyone , Jamie S A Choke Artist There S No Way He D Ever Knock On Doors To Ask People For Their Votes Until He Meets MayaMaya Rehman S Having The Worst Ramadan Ever Her Best Friend Is Too Busy To Hang Out, Her Summer Trip Is Canceled, And Now Her Parents Are Separating Why Her Mother Thinks The Solution To Her Problems Is Political Canvassing With Some Awkward Dude She Hardly Knows Is Beyond HerYBE SOGoing Door To Door Isn T Exactly Glamorous, But Maybe It S Not The Worst Thing In The World After All, The Polls Are Getting Closer And So Are Maya And Jamie Mastering Local Activism Is One Thing Navigating The Cross Cultural Romance Of The Century Is Another Thing Entirely

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10 thoughts on “Yes No Maybe So

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    Who needs extreme sports when news of new book releases by my favorite authors give me adrenaline than I will ever need for the rest of my life

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    There s part of me that is gagging for this book and another part of me that is questioning how the faith aspect is going to be handled I m tired of it being inauthentic, wishy washy and westernised, just so that it suits the audience Just so that Muslims are perceived as normal.Keeping my fingers crossed all the same.

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    I live my life by simple rules I see Becky Albertalli I read itupdate I LOVE THIS COVER

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    I thought going in that this would be a sweet, summery romance with a little bit of political discourse sprinkled in It was, but it was also relevant, engaging and realistic The romance took a back seat to the friendship and political aspects, which I loved It had something for everyone, from relatable characters, to diversity in terms of race and religion to fighting for what you believe in I

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    we have a title and description about this book and i m even excited now there s literally no title, description or cover but it s already one of my favourite books.

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    OoOoOoOooOoOoOooOo What a pretty cover yyeyesyes nyes noyes no myes no mayes no mayyes no maybyes no maybeyes no maybe syes no maybe soyes no maybe syes no maybeyes no maybyes no mayyes no mayes no myes noyes nyesyeythis is the most beautiful title i have ever witnessed in my entire existence

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    This book sounds great, and really cute Becky is good at collaborating with other authors, so I m sure she ll be fantastic, and while I don t know much about the other author she seems cool So yeah This ll be good.

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    Actual rating 4.5 starsThis book was very good and I enjoyed it immensely I thought it was just going to be this cute rom com type of story, and sure, it was But, it was so much than that It honestly took me by surprise with how relevant it was, with religion, politics, even what people will do to go viral on the internet.I m a white cis woman, so perhaps take this review with a grain of salt, but I f

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerListen, I hate the current political climate as much as the next guy, but I can t deny that I love the stories that are being published because of it Never have authors been politically active and never have young adult stories made me want to pick up a sign and protest to save the world than they have in the last few years Yes, No, Maybe So

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    I don t know anything about this but I want it.now

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