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The Other Side of Midnight ParisWashingtona peaceful Midwestern campusa fabulous villa in Greeceall part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings an incredibly beautiful film star, a legendary Greek tycoon, a womanizing international adventurer use an innocent American girl as a bewildered, horror stricken pawn in a desperate game of vengeance and betrayal, love and lust, life and death

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    I think I found this book via my mother When I was in university, whenever I went home to visit, I d return with a big bag of books my mom had bought and read.One night I grabbed this from the bookshelf, not knowing what to expect I think I had been putting it of

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    The Other Side of Midnight Midnight 1 , Sidney SheldonThe Other Side of Midnight is a novel by American writer Sidney Sheldon, published in 1973 Followed by a sequel Memories of Midnight Set in between the two World Wars, Noelle Page is born to a poor family in Ma

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    This story is driven by Love, Lust, Hatred and Revenge between 4 characters Noelle, an incredibly beautiful actress who chase to revenge the man she love and hate in every bit of her passion Larry Douglas A tycoon Demiris who get into this revenge and Catherine, a

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    This is one of my favorite books and has been for a long time I think I have read everything by Sidney Sheldon and loved all of them

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    So I inherited a lot of books from my mom and among them were about 10 Sidney Sheldon novels I had read a couple of his years ago and while I thought they were pretty good, I wasn t compelled to go out of my way to aquireof them So I went into this one with a certain

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    Being somewhere in the middle of the most recent Man Booker Prize winner at the moment and finding it decidedly uncompelling, I needed an antidote stat And what better than this sordid potboiler, rediscovered on my shelves during a recent book purge I always expect de

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    This was a beach side read for me in my teens Sheldon was a master of melodrama and I devoured this book I m glad this book had a sequel I felt so sorry for the poor messed up heroine, but this was a fantastic read Not sure I would pick these books up today, because of

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    By Sidney Sheldon Grade ASidney Sheldon is one of the most prolific writers of all time In the literary circles, he has been dubbed the master of the unexpected From writing novels to screenplays to TV scripts, Sidney Sheldon has done it all The Other Side of Midnight i

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    This is a smashing brilliant work, with layers upon layers of fine plots and intrigue But there is one aspect I just cannot understand Why couldn t Larry Douglas recognise Noelle Page when he later became her main pilot as it were Yes, he had had countless women over the

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    Unputdownable Noelle is a wonderful lady who is betrayed by Larry Douglas at an exceptionally youthful age In this way, she needs to deliver retribution on Larry Catherine gets hitched to Larry Noelle joins Constantin Demiris in Greece and brings Larry as Demiris own pilo

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